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Complete Workflow of the Advanced Cooling Machine

The rotary drum cooler also known as the cooling machine is used by cooperating with the industrial dryers to cool materials with certain temperature and particle size, especially in the compound fertilizer production line. 

To know the cooling machine well, users should learn about its complete working procedure.

1. The wet materials that need to be dried are lifted to the material hopper via the belt conveyor or the bucket elevator and then enter the charging port via the charging pipe whose inclination needs to be larger so that the materials can flow to the cooler smoothly.

2. The cooler cylinder is a rotating one inclined compared with the horizontal line. Materials are fed from the top end and the heat carrying agent flows out from the bottom end by meeting materials with countercurrent contact.

3. As the cylinder rotates, materials run to the bottom end affected by the gravity action. When wet materials move forward inside the cylinder, they receive the heat from the heat carrying agent and then get cooled.

4. There is a shoveling plate installed on the inner wall of the cylinder which can lift and cast materials in order to make them touch the air flow completely.

5. The main cooling agent is the cold air. After passing the cooler, the heat carrying agent will collect the air and the materials with the help of cyclone dust collector.

6. If we need to reduce the dust content in the tail gas, we will use the bag filter or the wet dust catcher to handle the air and then emit it.

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